BEWARE OF THE DANGER - keep your dog close

You may have heard about or seen in the news the huge rise in people stealing dogs, grabbing them if off lead or even knocking people over and taking their dogs - even famous people like Lady Gaga made the headlines when her dog walker was shot.
So beware of your surroundings, look out for suspicious people walking near you without dogs, keep your dogs on lead, make sure your dog has a collar and tag with contact telephone no on and MOST IMPORTANT make sure your dog is ID Chipped this is under the skin and obviously much harder to remove - make sure this is up to date at all times especially if you've moved recently so if the worst does happen you can be reunited quickly with your pet. STAY SAFE AND KEEP YOUR PET SAFE


Easter is just around the corner and in these hard times we have to have something to look forward in the form of CHOCOLATE !!

But be aware the dangers that come with this for our furry friends -
1) make sure all packaging is disposed of safely , foil paper, shredded paper, cardboard boxes, polystyrene etc. all looks sparkly and rustly which can be very enticing to a dog/cat - but if chewed on can cause blockages
2) chocolate itself is very toxic to dogs and can prove fatal if eaten - so seek vet advice immediately
3) Candy sweets enclosed can also contain xylitol (artificial sweetener) this is also toxic to animals
4) Hot cross buns contain dried fruit which is toxic

So while we don't want to dampen your spirits just beware to look out for your furry friends to avoid a vet visit.

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